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DNA Testing has confirmed a Y-DNA direct line connection to Peter Helton and James Helton of Randolph County GA 1830/Washington County GA 1820. We are now trying to identify brothers and Uncles (Aunts) of Peter Helton.

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Welcome to the Hilton (Helton) Family Tree Website!

It is with great pride by American society and the American civilization that all men are capable of rising in eminence in their chosen field of occupation without handicap or assistance related to hereditary preference.  However, the people of this nation continue to place great value on a respectable and illustrious family lineage.  Whenever a man attains distinction, it is natural for his fellow citizens to want to know of his origin and the history of his forefathers, from which he descended.

America is a nation of immigrants.  DNA testing shows that even those considered to be Native Americans can be traced to immigration patterns originating from one of the 7 daughters of Eve in ancient Africa.

The Hilton Family or Helton Family can be traced to Adam de Hylton prior to the Invasion of Britain by William the Conqueror.   Sir Lancelot de Hylton (old English spelling) was a General in King William's (William the Conqueror) army.  His death in the Battle of Faversham created a land gift from William to Henry (Sir Lancelot's son).  Subsequently, Hylton castle was built on this large tract of land of the River Wear.  It ranks among the great historical treasures of England.

Our quest for tracing our Hilton and Helton family lineage picked up speed quickly with the Helton DNA Testing project.  We have now been able to connect the Randolph County, Georgia Hilton line to Peter Helton (1686-1757) from Orange County North Carolina through DNA testing.  From Peter, we can trace our family lineage all the way to 1520 England, John Hylton to Henry Hylton 1066 to William the Conqueror and  Hylton Castle.  Even to Sir Lancelot de Hilton (yes there was a Sir Lancelot-just not a King Arthur). See Hilton Family History for more information.

We know that Richard Hilton (Peter's grandfather) came to America (Virginia) after his marriage in 1626.  This is a direct line, connect-the-dots, confirmed, documented and fully-sourced pedigree.  It is unlike so many family trees who look for an endpoint (like Abraham Lincoln) and then try to fill in voids with names they find on Census'.  The Peter Helton Line is one of the most thoroughly documented ancestral lines in existence, which is why most Hilton's try to choose this end-point for their research.  However, our DNA markers definitely confirm this relationship.

We will soon begin expanding the Hilton Family Tree website to include all our cousins from the sons of Peter up to current day.  Most people interested in Genealogical research typically ignore all related lines from whom they do not directly descend.  However, it is our intent to fully develop each line for each Peter Helton son and their sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters.

We intend to transform this website into a resource for any direct descendant of Peter Helton.  If we can identify Peter Helton brothers, we will continue to add sections as needed to fully index these relations.

If you are a descendant of Peter Helton and would like to add a family section to this site, please send a request to the email address at the bottom of each page. Please include a sourced and documented pedigree with how you connect to Peter Helton Sr. (Orange County NC) and we will be happy to include your family line in our navigation structure.  We will include any notes or descriptions, images, or documents that you have and would like to upload for your family members to view.

We would like to ask all Hilton/Helton family members to send pictures of your family, your parents and ancestors. This includes pictures of old Houses, Schools, Barns, or what ever you can find.  I am sure you have old pictures tucked away that others would like to view.  You may either scan these images and email them to me or mail the photos directly to me.  I will scan them and mail them back in the same condition that they were sent. I would prefer a CD with scanned images of the photo's which can be mailed to the address at the bottom of each hiltonfamilytree.com web page.  I will also return a photo CD with the images that you can save.  Make sure you provide a description of the images, so we know what they are.  Each image should be scanned individually, so they can be properly displayed on the website.  If you don't know who the people are in the pictures this is an ideal way to identify who these aliens are.  Once these pictures are uploaded, others may be able to identify who these people are.

The Helton DNA Testing Project is already in process within the Hilton/Helton/Hylton Lines.  While I had always had the impression that DNA was passed from mother to child; this is not true.  There are specific DNA markers that are passed directly (without change) from father to son.  These markers make it possible to trace the male family members of each family line for thousands of years. This testing can be performed through the Family Tree website by following links to the Helton DNA Project.  There are two types of tests that can be performed-paternal (father) and maternal (mother) or both.  You can choose the number the number of genetic markers you would like to identify-the more markers, the higher the cost.  Group pricing starts at $99 (paternal only).  Since testing will trace lineage for all male heirs, I have submitted for DNA testing (Paternal and Maternal) for the John Conelas Helton descendants.  This may help us make the bridge to find his parents.

Once testing is complete, DNA sequencing will be uploaded and all possible matches will be notified.  As more family DNA testing is performed and more DNA becomes available for the various Hilton/Helton lines, more compete mapping of the Hilton Family history will be possible.  This includes references to Cherokee Indian Heritage which have specific Q and Q3 Genetic Markers.  DNA genealogy testing will enable us to compile a complete family history

We still need photographs, drawings, design assistance , verified family listings, news, and any information that is noteworthy for our family section.  If you have any favorite family anecdotes (stories such as how your grandfather walked 20 miles to/from school, uphill, both ways, in the snow, with no shoes, etc).  There is usually a little bit of truth woven into each of these stories.  (For example the truth may have been that there was one pair of shoes and two brothers, so the story was half-true, since your grandfather got to wear the shoes every other day.)

To Contact me by email:  michael@hiltonfamilytree.com  Make sure you include something in the subject line that will distinguish you from sp@m .  This is a spam box. (I get hundreds of unsolicited emails each day through the various websites and delete 300-400 each day without reading them, if a quick scan of the subject line does not specifically catch my attention.) I will then send a private email address for this website to you that you can use that is not posted on this website (one in which spammers will not overload).  In sending any email to any group please list all addresses in the bcc (blind copy) box of your email.  This protects our email addresses by limiting spammers from obtaining our email addresses.

My cell phone is 706-463-2168

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